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A Tail of the Outlands

I don't know why I am grieving our friendship. I think it's been over for a long time. But I can't help feeling that I miss you most while I'm questing in Outlands. Sinn is there, and that makes it a lot easier. But I remember you swooping down and saving the day with your amazing priest.

Then drama came along. I won't name her, though I should. And you both hurt a lot of people in your selfish conquests. And I should face the fact that you are who you are now, the friend I had for my favorite time in life is gone.

I cried for this loss. For me, selfishly. I wish you could see what you're doing to yourself. I wish you were strong enough to face it, but who am I to speak? We're the same, you and me. We'll always be. And I guess I don't need to face another me. I love you and I miss you terribly.

But I have to face goodbye.


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