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Harmonious Battle

You want a taste of this knuckle sandwich??! Yeah, well go ahead and take a bite. Bish!


On another note, I love my doggie still. *yawn* I's tired but some car alarm woke me up at 3:56 in the morning. I was too tired to go make sure someone didn't break into mah truck before this alarm. I actually thought it was an ambulance at first because I can practically smell the latex I live so close to the hospital.

I'm studying how to be a better student. I figure this will learn me on how to absorb more information as I'm self-teaching. I know what you're thinking. I should go back to ENC1101 and get the basics of writing down. But you see, this is MY lj and I can write as ridiculous/retarded as I choose. So go fill your mouth with peanut butter and quit judging me.

I have a serious problem! I need to get up and make coffee but I need coffee to get up to make some. Being tired is for the debil! >:-}

Alright... I'm going.