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Writer's Block: One for the bucket list

What is something you've always wanted to do, but haven't yet done?

Join the Peace Corps.

A Tail of the Outlands

I don't know why I am grieving our friendship. I think it's been over for a long time. But I can't help feeling that I miss you most while I'm questing in Outlands. Sinn is there, and that makes it a lot easier. But I remember you swooping down and saving the day with your amazing priest.

Then drama came along. I won't name her, though I should. And you both hurt a lot of people in your selfish conquests. And I should face the fact that you are who you are now, the friend I had for my favorite time in life is gone.

I cried for this loss. For me, selfishly. I wish you could see what you're doing to yourself. I wish you were strong enough to face it, but who am I to speak? We're the same, you and me. We'll always be. And I guess I don't need to face another me. I love you and I miss you terribly.

But I have to face goodbye.


Life sucks these days.

Harmonious Battle

You want a taste of this knuckle sandwich??! Yeah, well go ahead and take a bite. Bish!


On another note, I love my doggie still. *yawn* I's tired but some car alarm woke me up at 3:56 in the morning. I was too tired to go make sure someone didn't break into mah truck before this alarm. I actually thought it was an ambulance at first because I can practically smell the latex I live so close to the hospital.

I'm studying how to be a better student. I figure this will learn me on how to absorb more information as I'm self-teaching. I know what you're thinking. I should go back to ENC1101 and get the basics of writing down. But you see, this is MY lj and I can write as ridiculous/retarded as I choose. So go fill your mouth with peanut butter and quit judging me.

I have a serious problem! I need to get up and make coffee but I need coffee to get up to make some. Being tired is for the debil! >:-}

Alright... I'm going.

Oh gee golly, she's in the Devil's Chair!

We have the neatest town just a few short miles away. People come from all over to see psychics, palm and tarot readers, and handwriting analysts. Cassadaga is an entire historical city based on the spiritualists. Some people rumor the place to be full of black witchcraft, but one trip there and you'll see that it has a Bohemian flare, white wiccans and Christians praying to God. There are a few quaint little shops, The Purple Rose, The Universal Centre, and a couple of others.

On one weekend day while perusing the shops, I fell in love with the Egyptian things one shop carried. It moved itself right on up to FIRST PLACE in my book (A.K.A., my favorite). Across the street, I picked out my 'Card of the Day' and it told me a blessed day was before me. In this shop caught my eye was the most delightful hand crafted rectangular box. On it was brightly and ornately decorated with a tree frog. I'm terrified of frogs, but I knew my sister must have this. I was thrilled to take it home with me. My daily fortune was right on. I was very blessed with a sister who will save me from the frogs.

Sweet Johnny!

I don't know how old I was when I learned that you can staple yourself. I do, on the other hand, remember where I was when this epiphany struck me. I could not have been more than seven standing in the dining room while I injured myself. I can't tell you why I had a stapler. Perhaps getting into things I shouldn't. Or perhaps I had good reason to be stapling myself. Either way, the truth evades me. I can't recall if I screamed or cried, or if I was very calm. I only know that my mom, ever my hero, rescued me. I can't even tell you if she chastised me, but that could've been a clue to why I had the stapler in the first place had she done so. The next part is what remains so memorable to me. It is just like my mother to have the perfect treasure hidden away for such traumatic times. Out she comes with a paper doll kit! Maybe the cling-on kind or maybe the heavy punch-out paper where you fold the tabs. She always knows how to make me feel better.

Don't eat me...

In my youth, I lived a few blocks from a neat lake at Campbell Park. In our neighborhood, Muscovy ducks ran rampant through peoples' yards showing a pretty side of Deltona back then. The Muscovy ducks are more likely to live in Texas, Central, and South Americas. My sisters and I would walk or ride our bikes to the park with an aged loaf of bread, or at least the heels and a couple of slices, to feed the ducks with. The baby chicks were very cute, but our begging never got us anywhere near being able to keep one. Mom's answer was always 'No'.

It was great having a park so close by! You could swim and barbecue. These days they've closed off motor vehicle access to the lake and probably banned swimming. They cut down a lot of the trees and changed the layout of the playground. It doesn't have the same free-spirited feel. Or perhaps I'm just biased. You can still see a lot of pretty plants like Black Oak and Palm Fronds. Things the natives take for granted.

Swim, Squishy, swim!!

Flat-water fishing is a marvelous thing. You wouldn't believe the size of the fish in only half a foot of water! They swim around catching shrimps and mullet. The Redfish roll over to catch their prey and you can see schools of them doing this which is an excellent photo op.

Their tails have spots on them of all shapes and sizes. The more spots they have, the more rare it is. You can see puffer-fish, who, when pulled out of the water, puff up and sound like you're rubbing on a wet balloon. (They're super freakin' cute... even if they eat all the plastic baits...)

There are speckled sea-trout:

And if you pay attention, you'll see dolphins, sharks, and the rare manatee.

My first trip wading at Scottsmoor was equally exciting and terrifying. My brand new waders were chest high and had closed boots attached so no water was getting inside. We started out toward the shore and soon found Florida muck quite slippery along the water's edge. We stepped into the brackish water, which was maybe half a foot deep and began (or tried to) our trek. Each step offered a chance to get our boot stuck in the mud. After about a quarter of a mile, just when we'd gotten used to the way we had to free our feet, the bottom began to get more firm. This was great except that when standing in one spot too long, you'd lose a foot to the muddy bottom.

All in all, this wasn't the very worst thing. The most terrifying things were the stingrays! They blend in perfectly with the bottom of the lagoon and when you get near them, they scurry away fast as an F-16 leaving a puff of mud in their wake! If that's not scary enough to a newcomer, then you should see the horseshoe crabs that will waltz themselves right onto your boot!

It takes a bit of getting used to before you can entirely focus on the fishing aspect of it. Once you take the time, though, you will find that it's truly beautiful being one with such a grand expanse of nature and a really sweet kiss from Florida's rare treasures.

Boston Baked Beans and History

You always hear about people taking family vacations. Summer trips to the Grand Canyon, hot springs visits in Yellowstone, or visiting Mickey Mouse at Disney World. Not my family. I don't know if my parents weren't interested or if they couldn't because of their jobs. However, this made my one and only family vacation extra special. We went to the USA's Oldest City: St. Augustine. It's only an hour and a half drive from home, but it is like a whole other world! All the houses are close together with short front doors and uneven brick and stone roads.

The oldest schoolhouse is incredibly fascinating when you're young. Not that it's not now... Trying to imagine the town's children in one place, all different grades and ages is a neat experience.

Of course, the most grandeur thing you'll see there is the Castillo de san Marcos which is the fort the Spaniards used. There are tons of artifacts and information from sleeping barracks to holes in the ground they called the lavatory.

You'll find the old jail there and splendid ancient cemeteries. All of it is within walking distance. We even went to Ripley's Believe it or Not. It's a terrible waste of money, especially because we have the internet these days. You can visit the Fountain of Youth and drink the water. Surely that's the reason I have so few wrinkles at my age despite the nicotine and coffee habits. There is a wax museum there with celebrities to say hello to. But my favorite places were the park in the middle of town with cannons and giant oak trees with brawny arms you can sit on and have your picture taken, and the lighthouse which is so tall you can see for miles!

Tinksunamun and the Temple of Doom

Before you can understand the beginning, you should understand Tink, my dog. She's a golden colored mid-size sedan with black on her back in the style of a German Shepherd. She has big pointy ears that stick straight up like a dingo. One her best physical attributes is her perfect (every time!) Egyptian-styled, cat-eyed eyeliner. I ask where she gets it done, but in true lady form, she never tells. She's a bit skittish of people. Of 9/10 that she meets, she will bark and raise her hackles. If you have food, she warms up very quickly. The way to a dog's heart is through its stomach. The same applies to the two legged dogs.

The first time I met Tink, she barked at me once and proceeded to follow me around the rest of the evening. From that moment on, she's been my best friend. She always makes me laugh when I cry and she has taught me so much about love and respect. You'd never know I'd never had a dog before her, or just how selfless a person can be when they learn how to love like this. To my girl, thank you.