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Don't eat me...

In my youth, I lived a few blocks from a neat lake at Campbell Park. In our neighborhood, Muscovy ducks ran rampant through peoples' yards showing a pretty side of Deltona back then. The Muscovy ducks are more likely to live in Texas, Central, and South Americas. My sisters and I would walk or ride our bikes to the park with an aged loaf of bread, or at least the heels and a couple of slices, to feed the ducks with. The baby chicks were very cute, but our begging never got us anywhere near being able to keep one. Mom's answer was always 'No'.

It was great having a park so close by! You could swim and barbecue. These days they've closed off motor vehicle access to the lake and probably banned swimming. They cut down a lot of the trees and changed the layout of the playground. It doesn't have the same free-spirited feel. Or perhaps I'm just biased. You can still see a lot of pretty plants like Black Oak and Palm Fronds. Things the natives take for granted.